MAD Academy Annual Fund 2012-2013

MAD Academy Annual Fund 2013-2013
It is no secret that public financing for public education is being slashed and it is having a negative impact on students and their future opportunities.  Most classes have nearly 40 students.  Sports, music, theater, the arts and trades courses have either been eliminated or have so little funding they cannot provide necessary equipment and supplies.  Public education is broke and broken. 
In spite of the unprecedented funding challenges The Multimedia Arts and Design Academy (MAD) is proving that a world class public school in Santa Barbara is more than a possibility, it is a reality.  The MAD Academy is relevant, responsive and motivating; integrating rigorous academics, media art training, leadership skills and a global perspective.  Boasting a 99% college acceptance rate over the past sixteen years, MAD graduates are attending prestigious universities, premiere art schools and the top media art programs in the country.  And, alumni are working in careers as diverse as film, music, animation, education and private business.  The MAD Academy is successful in spite of the challenges facing public education. 
In the 2012-2013 school year the Santa Barbara School District has generously provided the MAD Academy with teachers for the academic and media art courses.  The District has also provided $236 this year for supplies.  As meager as this seems, it is actually a large increase from past years.  The District is supporting the MAD Academy; it just doesn’t have much to give. That is why the Annual Fund is so important.  The MAD Academy Annual Fund provides all the “extras” that make the Academy special and enhance your son or daughter’s education.  Trips, computers, software, media equipment, academic support, and all the other opportunities available to the students are only possible through the generous donations of parents and our community.  The good news is that local foundations are willing to support the MAD Academy if 100 percent of MAD families participate in the Annual Fund.  We are eligible for at least $50,000 in additional funding this year from local foundations; funding we are counting on to help us pay our bills, if they see that all parents are willing to support their own son’s or daughter’s education. 
Annual Fund goal for 2012-2013:  $300,000
What does my son or daughter receive without the MAD Annual Fund?
Academic and Media Art Teachers
$236 in supplies (for all 250 students)
What does my son or daughter receive because of the MAD Annual Fund?
A Relevant, Responsible and Motivating Education that includes:
Community Service Trip
Team Building Trip, 10th Grade
Channel Islands Trip, 11th Grade
Ultimate Race, 12th Grade
Student Lunches
Guest Speakers
MAD tutorial
Open Lab hours at lunch, before and after school
Academic Dean
Community Outreach Liaison
MAD Studio
The Lounge
MAD Director (Dan)
Computer Labs (top of the line workstations)
Media Art and productivity software (up to date)
MAD Asst. Director (AJ) Training
Mobile Computer Lab
Cameras, lighting, sound equipment (top of the line)
Afternoon and evening MAD Workshops
Leadership training
A NEW modernized and expanded building
Furniture and Equipment
MAD Summer Camps
MAD, Foundation and Parent Group Websites
Boy’s and Girl’s Club program
MAD Elements
MAD Parent Group (active, involved parents)
Social and Emotional Intelligence
Student accountability
Global Education
How can you help?
We cannot suggest you donate a specific amount to the Annual Fund and no child will be denied access to the MAD Academy for lack of resources.  But, we also cannot provide all the opportunities above without your financial support.  The following fun levels of giving will help us reach our Annual Fund Goal of $300,000 in the 2012-2013 school year:
Producer:                           $10,000 (Still a bargain compared to local private schools)
Director:                              $ 5,000
Screenwriter:                     $2,500 (Sustainable level for the above opportunities) 
Editor:                                 $1,500
Actor:                                   $1,000
Cast and Crew:                $ Other (We are shooting for 100% participation, give what you can*)
*Consider making a financial donation on a monthly basis and your gift will grow along with your child.  $250 each month between September and June will equal $2,500; $150 each month will equal $1,500. 

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