The MAD ACAdemy provides wonderful educational, career and social opportunites for its students with the help of the funds from this campaign.
Dear Parents of MAD Academy Students,

Welcome to 2009-2010 academic year of the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy!  The Academy is excited about the recently started school year and the success of our graduated seniors who are currently enrolled at great institutions of higher education. The faculty and staff have been hard at work adding new classes, planning new curriculum, and developing new projects that integrate academic standards and the media arts.  We are also investing in your child with new equipment, software, and trips focused on team work, leadership and community service.

All of these capital and programming improvements come at a significant cost and are not covered by the traditional funding from the state of California; we need your help! Public education is free – and no one will ever be prevented from enjoying the full privileges of the program based on ability to donate, but we do rely on family donations and other forms of participation and support to run this program. Some families are able to pay above and beyond the number we are asking for – and we encourage them to give generously, over and above if possible.  Some will only be able to pay part and some will contribute with their time and talents.  We ask all to give what they can and to give sacrificially.  Even a modest donation helps because when applying for private grants, a high rate of parent participation in giving indicates your vote of confidence in the quality of this program. Every dollar counts!

For the 2009-2010 school year each family is encouraged to contribute $2200 per student if financially capable. If the full financial donation is not possible, then contribute with volunteer time, your expertise, a donation of food, supplies or goods, etc. Our goal is for 100% participation from all families in terms of both financial contributions and volunteer time. To make special arrangements, contact Stephanie Baker, the CAF board member liaison that is in charge of the Givezooks program at 805-569-5756.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to another great year for our children and the academy.


Stephanie Baker, Maren Hansen, and Mary Werft
Fundraising Committee, MAD Board of Directors


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